Cool Springs Brewery

600A Frazier Drive #135
Franklin, TN 37067

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MTSA partners with Cool Springs Brewery to bring you our inaugural Free Beer Program.

One free pint for each player on a winning MTSA team.

Rules for Players to redeem their free pint:

1. All players on a winning team this season will be entitled to 1 (one) pint of craft beer from Cool Springs Brewery. Players may claim beer immediately after their game is played and for the week following the game.

2. To claim beer: ALL winning players MUST each carry a copy of their roster. Present this, plus Drivers License ( name on roster MUST match name on license, or beer will not be served) to waitress/ bartender, announce winning team name. Wait for Waitress/ bartender to check result ( via email confirmation from your team captain) then order 1 (one) pint of craft beer of your choice.

Cool Springs Brewery reserves the right to refuse ANYONE free beer.
If you act in even a slightly irritating way you may be refused beer.
Free beer is a privilege, not a right. Please act like it.