Game Reports:

  • Sign into Affinity under your ADMIN Log In
  • Click on Schedules / Game Scores under tournament applications. (The season is actually considered a tournament – 2014 Spring MTSA).
  • Click on the box UNDER score to bring up the score sheet. (It will be a separate new window).
  • Enter the details from the game, including score, goal scorers, and any red or yellow cards. Then click SAVE.
  • The report will NOT have referee names and you will not be able to rate them.  Use the COMMENTS section to input additional information, including the referee rating.


MTSA Guest Player Policy

  • Teams are allowed to use guest players in two matches per season
  • Guest players must be eligible to play in the match. (A 23 year old cannot guest in an o30 match, etc.)
  • Guest players must have the printed MTSA roster from their team in order to play - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Players on a red card or disciplinary point suspension are not eligible as guest players

All decisions as to permitting guest players are to be made between the two teams’ captains playing in the match provided the above criteria have been met.  Above all, use some common sense and put yourself in the position of the other team. If it’s a reasonable request, consider agreeing to it. Likewise, if you would not be willing to agree to what you are asking of them, then don’t ask it of them.


MTSA Forfeit Policy

  • If a team does not have at least 7 rostered players at the field at game time, they will be allowed a 10 minute grace period from the scheduled kick-off time before a forfeit is called.
  • If a team determines they will not be able to field a team that weekend, the captain must notify BOTH the league Executive Director AND their league commissioner no later than 7:00 PM on the Friday night leading into the weekend.
  • Forfeiting teams will be required to pay $150 for referee fees for a forfeited match. If the fee is not collected prior to the following Friday at 5:00pm, that team’s following game will be declared a forfeit and will not be played.
  • All matches on the schedule are expected to be played.  If your team cannot participate, you will forfeit the match.  MTSA does not reschedule matches at the team's request


To print your game day OFFICIAL ROSTER:

  • Click on "Registration" on the left menu or the top of the page. You will be linked to the Affinitywebsite
  • Click on "User Log-in:" on the left side menu.  Log in to your account.
  • On your "My Account" Page, click on your team's name
  • From the "Edit Team" page, you can print your team roster, add jersey numbers, and email your team.
  • Click the “PRINT PHOTO ROSTER” button at the bottom of the Team Roster tab.

If you have any issues printing your roster, you may call Affinity Sports directly - 9am to 9pm Central at 1-800-808-7195.


Team check in & ROSTER/ID information:

  • All teams must have a printed Official Game Roster to give to the referee on match day.  Please arrive early so the referee can check all players in and games start on time.  All players are encouraged to bring their ID to the game, with the photo rosters they should not be needed, however players need to have them just in case.
  • To PRINT a photo roster, log in to Affinity under your Admin.  On the my account page click to the right of your current team where it says edit/tournament.  Click on the "Team Roster" tab.  At the bottom of all the names there will be a button that says PRINT PHOTO ROSTER, click on that and it will bring up a PDF, then print off and bring with you to the field.
  • All players must have a Government Issued photo ID to present to the referee at check-in.
  • No teams will be granted permission to play without all players’ name and player number on an official game day roster (including guest players).  This is to ensure all discipline issues are able to be dealt with.  If your team does not have an official game roster, you will be given a forfeit
  • The referees are NOT allowed to officiate a match that has been forfeited.

If a REFEREE does not show up for a game:

  • Contact your League Commissioner or the Executive Director with the information. 
  • Open D1 - Younes  765-722-0338
  • Open D2 - Adrian 615-522-2434 / Kristin 615-336-7445
  • Over 30 D1 and D2 - Christian 954-218-0964
  • Over 40 - Steve 615-417-3629 / Kris (615) 557-7716
  • Executive Director - Jill 615-428-4857
  • The referees will call their assignor.
  • -You should have a volunteer to be a club linesperson and start the match at the scheduled time.  The absent referee should arrive, or you should receive a return call indicating they will not make the match and to use the club linesman for the duration of the match.  The club linesperson’s only duty is to signal the ball in and out of play.  Each team can provide one and they will switch at halftime


If a FIELD IS CLOSED or you have NO LIGHTS or you cannot play for any reason.

    Depending on where you are call the person listed below and explain what is going on:
  • Fellowship – Casey Tice 615-403-2789
  • Metro Soccer Complex (Dell) – Devinder Sandhu 615-485-0488.
  • Rose Park - Jill Condon 615-428-4857
  • Academy Park – Daniel Cordero 615-415-9656.
  • HYSA Fields – Cameron Eades 615-585-4826
  • Mt. Juliet Christian Academy - Mike Kittrell 615-587-8288

All of our fields are guaranteed, so if anyone else is there, they are not supposed to be.


If there is INCLEMENT WEATHER you should:

  • MTSA matches may be played in the rain, but matches MUST cease if the field conditions deteriorate.  MTSA will lose its right to any field we tear up, so don't sacrifice that right for one game.  If there is any question, contact the person listed above depending on what field you are located.
  • A referee will suspend a match if there is lightning in the area.  If there is no lightning detection system at the field, then the referee has sole judgment on the safety of the weather conditions.  The match will be suspended 30 minutes for lightning. 
  • A match should be played in full after a weather delay, but it may have to be cut short due to daylight or leaving enough time for the following match to be played.  Generally, if a match is delayed one hour, then it should just be canceled, but this is solely up to the referee and team captains at the time of the match/weather delay.  Each situation will differ, so use your best judgment keeping in mind the next match and daylight.
  • Any match that is terminated due to weather in the first half will be rescheduled and played in full.  Any scores will be wiped clean and the rescheduled match will be played in full.
  • Any match that reached half time and then is terminated due to weather will not be rescheduled and the score at the time of termination will stand as final.


If you want to file a complaint about DISCIPLINE ISSUES or a referee’s performance:

  • Fill out your Game Report in Affinity.
  • If a player on your team receives a red card, the team captain is REQUIRED to submit a report.  This is to protect your player.  We want to hear your side first!
  • If there is a case of assault, call the police.  Franklin Police: 794-2513.  Brentwood Police: 371-0160. Nashville: 862-7744 (South Precinct) 862-7747 (West Precinct)